Opacity on exhaust

I have seen a player called Starfight orbiting around Phi Cyclopes (Phi Cyclopes is orbiting around Beta Cyclopes, that is in the Cyclopes System, that is in the Canethus Constellation, that is in the Unnamed Galaxy). I saw his spaceship was enterely black so I compared my spaceship with his. Then I saw that he had no exhaust. I mean, that points of the color of the inner exhaust were there but there wasn’t a flame. Is this a bug, is there some way for changing the opacity on exhaust or what? Here is a screenshot of I comparing with him:


Exhaust opacity can be changed using cheat engine.
I suggested adding this as a customisation option some time ago, but for now that’s the only way I know of.

Are you absolutely sure that the exhaust is actually invisible when the engine is active (as in, the ship is moving, not just orbiting around something)? nevermind that

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