Once upon a Chicken

Why did chickens invaded earth in first place. How did they got evolved. Where are they from. Give your theories

No need to make theories about that. Just play the episodes and read what the narrator says.

I have played all

Yeah, replay them. Without skipping the narrator.

I never skipped it. Where is the origin of such highly evolved chickens

You already get to visit a chicken galaxy in CI4. And see that they invades a lot of galaxies.
Chickens got to earth, cuz they hated how we, humans, eat chickens.
And here in CIU, we’re in a part of the milky way, same as UHF.

Not a theory btw.


what if no money to afford ci eps

Some sources offer the game for free legally. But with ads. Yes, for PC.

android emulator

Also I am fairly certain just about every ci cutscene has been posted on youtube by now, so you can technically watch them all even if you don’t have the games


No, there are actual free versions. But they’re all not updated.

chocken invodens 4 full walkthrough 100% completion (45:24)

brings me back to the bigfish days

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