On the subject of Plasma Rifle and Positron Stream reworks

I only say “If”. Like GgWw said, in WBP post, Galbatorix used that conclusion as his basis.


Sorry, I thought you meant it was already decided. I misunderstood.


I’m not joking, but it really loses my vision a little, not by too much.

This is an over-generalization. Relatively improved damage for low power levels does not a “noob weapon” make. It just makes it a better choice for when your power level is low (e.g., starting a mission, or losing several lives consecutively).

Cowards theoretically start appearing at 30% difficulty , but are in reality very rare until 65%.

Slobs start appearing at 75% (90%, really)

So, really, most situations under which the Positon would be problematic are not “noob” situations.


Still need to play with new plasma some more, but I’d almost go so far as to say that it’s too good…

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I gotta disagree on that one. It’s strong, but it requires rather tight heat management, more so than most other weapons.


I use absolver a fair bit, so perhaps that’s why I didn’t notice, aha

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