Old interactionstudios.com website

I was searching the internet for images of how interactionstudios.com looked before being as it is now. I know it was different because the readmes of the games before CI5 were different from how the website is now. I only found these two images.
com 20100630-promocja-interaction-studios
Does anyone have any more images of this?


Oh the memories…
Sadly I don’t have any images. I think you could look it up on web.archive.org

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Ah, one time I was on interactionstudios.com on-line store and I didn’t find something I saw a few years ago: A t-shirt with a ci3 chicken. I say this because in one of the images I’ve posted I can see a smileyville t-shirt and other things I can’t see very well.

The Internet Archive has got a lot of snapshots of iA’s website from the past.
Here are some example dates:
2009 this one is a bit broken though :<

The most interesting one might be ia.freeshell.org, which was their website before they bought their own domain. It’s also the oldest snapshot available (from July 2002).

Those T-Shirt images are there because they used to sell merchandise.



On the news of ia.freeshell.org, I could see this:
“Well, here it is. I hope you like the new layout. For now, the content has been mostly transferred from the old site, but there’s a still a lot of changes to come, as you’ll very soon find out (tee hee). Also, the site is still under construction, so it’s possible some things aren’t working properly yet. As usual, you can send comments and suggestions here.”
What is that of “old site”?

I haven’t ever asked iA about it.

And… You will ask him?

Or you could.
@EmeraldPlay doeſn’t have any ſpecial relationſhip with IA ſo far as I can tell (correct me if I’m wrong).

Ah, sorry.
EDIT: Before the forum existed, IA sended him some information. For example this images: IAPIG2 IAPIG IARW2 IARWA IACM2 IAC2 IAC IAF16IAM99 IACM IATR IABT
I discovered this here.


Wholesome update blog (:

I cant see anything!
EDIT: Its fine.

What was the link?

Had me in stitches.

You actuälly programmed in pascal? That hurts juſt to think about. I’m very glad we have C# (my preferred language) now.

Both (Turbo) Pascal and C# (at their respective times) represent the best of language development. The same designer is behind both of them (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anders_Hejlsberg).

Games written in single-file line-numbered BASIC without procedures/functions were by far the worst.

@samuelronban: Which link? That site isn’t available on-line anywhere… If memory serves it was also hosted on ia.freeshell.org.

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On ia.freeshel.org?

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