Okay, i'm back


I’m back, please don’t treat me like before :pleading_face:, because i will be more gently and no longer post meaningless topics this time :disappointed_relieved:. That’s a promise.


I Didnt know you lol


You’re a newbie, and i’ve been active on the forum for 1 year ago


He changed his profile picture.


Maybe I didn’t visit this forum before


Or more preciſely, from the 10th of December 2018, if your profile data’s correct.


Because my previous one was bad. Also, i used FireAlpaca to draw this profile picture.


I don’t remember your previöus one if I’m honeſt. Remind me again what it looked like?


Also, my profile’s data isn’t correct about the time i changed my profile picture; i uploaded the new profile pic today, which was the same time i became active again.


It looked like Isaac (from that game i know: The Binding of Isaac).


I was looking at the thing that ſaid, “Joined Dec 10, '18”.

I’m glad you know the game, 'cuz I don’t. Anyway, welcome back.


Okay, but the important thing is: I will never, ever upload any meaningless topics again.


I was just thinking today: Wow SuperKiddo really keep his promise and here is it again. Welcome back and does not lend itself easily, hold serious like the others(well most of them).


I’m not gonna make any meaningless topics ever again and i’ll keep my promise.

New Food Idea 2

ah, welcome back, as you can see, i’m theguyisp, i uhhh just lost my main account and i had to make a alt account, so uhhhh, again, welcome back.


How does one loſe one’s account?


let me explain to you, i used a 10-minute mail to verify my main acc, then i forgot my password and it got lost. not to mention that the 10-minute mail was also lost




He seems to be Travis, judging by his post


He isnt Travis, I remember him from way back when. The situation was similar.