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A wave editor would be nice, but it was already suggested a ton of times,( as an example, I have an idea for a level editor ) and I don’t think that iA will add cheats to a MMO game


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Unless I’m misinterpreting what you mean by “Wave Editor”, I’d prefer a Mission editor to a Wave editor, myself (and based on interAction’s comments about the wave backend, the later would be really hard to add). I do think that a way to edit missions (in other words, sequencing the waves) would be really cool if we could get it one day.

Cheats would be fun, but given CIU will be free to play I seriously doubt it. At best you could maybe hope for some kind of visual gag (like the leotard unlockable), but even that is unlikely, unfortunately.


That’s just boring. Why would someone play your missions if they use the same waves that everyone else have?
And mission editor also opens possibility to make a Chicken Invaders 2-5 bootlegs in the game. I mean, most of the levels from the episodes are in CIU now.

Well… Then maybe we need some kind of framework for that to make it easier.

Free to play has nothing to do with not granting cheats. It’s the “multiplayer” that isn’t going well with “cheats”. But I’m still convinced that if we in the future get offline play that doesn’t count to your profile score/medals (there could be for example training mode where you spawn enemies/bosses where you like or selecting the wave you want to play) then the cheats could be added without a problem.


Whaaaaat‽ You could do all sort of cool things! A pure UCO boss rush, perhaps, or a Squawk Block with hand-chosen enemies, or like a mission with all the “meteor/comet/supernovae” style stages. Endless possibilities; I’d totally love this.

Maybe implement a maximum wave cap, like 50 or 100 or something…
And realistically, you’d only be looking at CI4 or 5 bootlegs. CI2 and CI3 are quite distinctly different, and anything in CIU would feel more like a remake than a “bootleg”. Only CI4 and 5 would be in danger of being “replaced” by this, I feel (unless like all of the CI3 content gets added, lol. We’re missing like over half of that game currently.)

Any ideas? Turning pretty much anything that isn’t built for an editor into an editor is excruciating in programming.

Um, I am pretty sure it does. Again, other than visual changes, anything that makes the game significantly easier or unlocks stuff early would discourage the purchase of a Chicken Hunter License. (I don’t like it either, but that’s just how these things work.)

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So can the generator. There’s a chance that there already is a mission that you want to create. And it also can be used as an incentive to explore the galaxy. If I remember correctly, someone was searching for boss rush that consists only of episodes final bosses. I mean, I wouldn’t be mad if it gets added to the game, but it’s so lazy that it is truly disappointing. And after some time you would just straight up throw up because of the same waves.

My official guarantee that someone will do missions like “CI4 part 1”, “CI4 part 2” and “CI4 last waves”. (if not then I’m gonna do it in the future just to make my point right)

That’s true. And it would be great to have episodes made as a DLCs since they are better option to spend money on than pack of keys. But if they’ll get added then who would buy normal episodes if these are better in every way.

Currently. That’s they keyword here. Currently.

Well I can’t have any ideas if I don’t know how the waves are made. But frameworks can be made for pretty much everything if you’re determined. Given it won’t be so much precise (and less efficient speaking of performance, god I hate JS frameworks, but I also kind of hate JS so… ),like without frameworks, but it would work. We can maybe think of something like Mario Maker series. Adding elements is so easy and there’s nothing difficult in the implementation of it. I mean CIU waves are not made out of grid, but with frameworks they could be. Like imagine for example you get to Chicken Invaders Wave Maker and you see blank space (haha, you can’t stop me with puns) with some UI on top/bottom (or whatever different direction you would like as a psychopath) where there are some groups, like for example: obstacles, chickens, bosses etc. And then you should just place in the level and choose the direction it would fly if it’s a chicken. So yeah, possibilities are endless, I mean people in Mario maker have made calculators. And Mario maker doesn’t even have logic gates. Geez, that was a long paragraph.
Some fantastic things can be created even with simple tools, but we can’t think of anything right now because we don’t know how waves are programmed in CIU.

It. Doesn’t. The thing that stops it from having cheats is the multiplayer aspect. You just can’t add cheats to a multiplayer game. It’s not fair to others and is unbalanced as [redacted]. Free-to-play would be the reason of not adding cheats only if it would be a single-player game with microtransactions (and sadly there are games like that)

Again, that’s not why the cheats can’t be added. CHL is only for the online play and in online play you can’t have cheats since they are unbalanced and not fair. But how is adding cheats to an offline mode stopping players from buying CHL or allowing them to make the game easier (in online mode) or allowing them to unlock stuff earlier (in online mode)? As I said earlier, you can’t add cheats to always online game so the only place where you can add them would be offline mode which wouldn’t count to your score and your progress.


I actually wonder if it exists somewhere in the galaxy, considering how close I got with a final boss rush earlier

At least in the form of all four variants being in one mission


A wave editor is not a feasible option. A mission editor is a much more realistic prospect (still, it’s not something you should expect any time soon).

Cheats will never be added, off-line or not.


There were cheats, but now not because this is an online game. But it would be a good idea to have like a special mission in which you can do cheats.


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