(Not Technically New) Boss Idea: Chicken Tetracity

Gotta request some very dumb idea plus I want my own version of Chiken Multiplicity too

Wave Name: Chicken Tetracity

  • Name is derived from the word tetration, whick is the next hyper operator after exponentiation, and is defined as iterated exponentiation. ty google This wave is practically Chicken Multipicity, but uses final bosses on the previous episodes (at least on appearance).


  • Only on Ironman Mission as a final boss. Reason is Ironman needs a final boss that would make it distinguishable from Double Team.
  • A special mission can be made available to play-test this boss fight (esp for the ones who can’t finish Ironman like me)

Phases of this boss fight goes like this:

  • 1x Henterprise
  • 2x Yolk-Star (x2 from the previous)
  • 4x Egg Cannon (x2 from the previous)
  • 8x Mother Hen-ship (x2 from the previous)
  • 16x Crazy Squaker (x2 from the previous)
    Multiplier can be adjusted when needed.

Attacks are very similar to the original counterparts but with these changes:


  • Uses only the first phase attacks from the final encounter wave.


  • Uses 7 turrets.
  • Both occupies the left and the right side.
  • Only uses the first phase form, but still summons terminator chickens when damaged to a certain percentage.

Egg Cannon:

  • Uses the downscaled version to fit maximum of four of them on the screen.
  • Can now move freely (laterally) on the screen, still stops on position to perform an attack.
  • It only attacks once then moves to another position to perform another attack. Ex: Chicken Wobble > Moves > Laser > Moves > Player-targeted beams etc

Mother Hen-ship:

  • Uses spirtes from the ROTY, but retains some of the attacks from ROTY.
  • Moves freely on the screen periodially firing omnidirectional beams that gets denser the more it is damaged.
  • After depleting 50% of its health, it starts firing fast beams aimed at the player.

Crazy Squaker Big chicken 214748365

  • Downscaled version of the Crazy Squaker in Anniversary and Squack Block Missions.
  • Uses egg drop attack from Episode 1 boss. Since this episode is on an endless loop, I’ll use this instead.

Hope this suggestion gets added. K bye


@Fractorial ,it is great idea ,but IA doesn’t have time to add new bosses.

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it should also include 214748364 Big Chicken #214748364s


I assume this has to be like 300% zoom out? I don’t know how this could work otherwise. Even with that much, I’m unsure how it’ll go, but at least it would be less impossible than no zoom.


Idk their accurate scaling but it should be spacious enough for 2 Yolk-Star to fit on screen. I think the 3rd phase of the Cannonade should fit on this (x4).

(pardon me on this low-effort edit)


For reference, egg cannon has 300% zoom, henterprise has 200%. I think cannonade phase 3 has default zoom(100%), but someone please correct me if I’m wrong.

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Found this one around the forum, so I guess 300% will do.


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