Not email login without pincode

Hello again
Just this morning I told you by email that the registration for the game on the pc asked for a pin to verify me. I enter the email address in question every time and then the 6th digit should be sent to this email address pin code are sent, which has never happened before! So, friends, how does the story go on now? I’m not really ready to sacrifice my score because after all, I had already broken the billion mark and all the “modes” were really expensive , it took me weeks.
It’s not because of my computer because I get emails in other matters under the same address.
thomas franz

Do you mean you can’t get a pincode letter in your e-mail? Did you check the spam folder? First time I got the letter it went right into spam.

6-digit PIN codes are only sent when you want to use your existing CIU account on a new computer (this is called “linking” your account). The main two reasons for linking are:

  • You have more than one computer, and you want to play using the same account on all of them
  • You formatted your computer and you lost your account

Is your case either one of those?

If you simply want to confirm that the game uses your correct e-mail, you can see your e-mails by selecting “Accounts” at the main menu. You can also change your e-mail there.


Thx for making your game enjoyable and easy to play everywhere :grinning: you are worthy to 5 stars :star::star::star::star::star:

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No, for yes stars.

thanks for your info but i looking too in spam folder/new post-everyone mails got checking but no pin-code,shit.

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