Nostalgia suggestion

pretty small detail but we should have the CI1 game over sound for the ciu game overs + i am gonna suggest it again that the menu chicken from CI2 returns as another small detail in the main menu, and a option to actually switch to the old fork cursor

This one?

yeah, that one

If you don’t know why you’re ſuggeſting ſomething, maybe it’s not the beſt of ideas.

guess i’ll update the title for the best

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okay i just thought of something very epic to come back

and it’s this:



Yeah, I think clupea herangus ſhould come back for ſome large number of keys, like 3300.

Noo. It was fine troll from IA. Now it wouldn’t be so great.
EDIT: I was talking about red fish.

there’s a chance they could troll us again with something new :wink:

I don’t have anything against something new. :slight_smile: