Non-atmosphere moons classified as electric barren rock

These 2 moons doesn’t have any atmosphere but they are classified as electric

Did you check for lightning? A screenshot is not a very good piece of proof for this.

He probably explored them and know what type are they. Not everytime there’s lighting coming from the planet. Also on the smallest moon, I see mini lighting which dissapearing, you have to look really careful to see it.

Here’s proof

Um, that’s normal.

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Only Terran and Artifical planets are prevented from being electric. I could add Barren ones to the list, but that might excessively reduced the number of electric planets available :thinking:

You can compensate this by making more planets such as Terran Planets, Gas giants, etc electric. Alternatively you could decrease the cost of the EM shield to compensate the decreased number of electric planets.

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What’s wrong with Artificial electrics? Could be as if it’s a dilapidated/malfunctioning cyber space-planet - really cool, in my opinion.


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