No plans for full game?

We waited for 6 months for the early access to be released. Should we stay another 6 months to have the full game released?
We are gonna have update number 10 of early access! What is the next update? Update 11 EARLY ACCESS. Can we just remove the early access phrase and start from version 1.0.0?

It’s still unfinished, and a lot has yet to be added. iA just finished adding CI3 bosses. Don’t expect it to take only 2 months, even CI5 Xmas’ early access was longer than that.


there are still a lot of things that need to be added to the game

Dude the game is like 30% done to be released, we still need A LOT more content than that. I’d leave it in early access for like 6 more months or even more.

we still have meteor storm (the asteroid belts planned) mission and planets to be added, retro missions, millenium hatchling, rectangular missions, comet chase, supernova and all that stuff
don’t forget that maybe there will be the feather fields of yolkon mission too

There’s still A LOT left before the game releases! To my knowledge, we are still missing:

  • Retro, food collecting, key collecting and asteroid-type missions
  • CI2 bosses
  • CI3 and CI2 waves (and possibly CI1 too)
  • Squadrons and multiplayer
  • Some GUI functions are still not available (medals and stats, for example)
  • Planetary missions
  • Content from CI4 and CI5 that is still missing (waves and bosses are between those things)
  • Space police
  • The stuff that was announced but not yet released (anything that wasn’t mentioned here)
  • Bugs to be fixed
  • Ideas from the site (possibly after release)
  • Maybe some holiday content
  • And anything else that InterAction decides to surprise us with

It could take A LONG time before everything is complete, so just be patient, for now


I guess these guys are just spam. STOP. ASKING. FOR. FULL. RELEASE. Just play the game. You can’t know is game done if you aren’t an IA staff. IA already hard working. You should be happy they are still making new games after years.

I’m not sure whether you are trolling or you really are that greedy.

Making a game takes time, luckily for us, iA decided to give us access to the game earlier just so that we would be able to play now and to shape the game and have early access to it.

I don’t get why people complain that the game is not yet finished instead of enjoying the fact that we have access to it before it’s finished just so that we have something to play.

Would you honestly preffered to just wait and not have access to the Early Access version?


don’t forget we have to wait 4 years for CI5


Some CI2 content will eventually make it into the game. Not a lot, though.
Sorry for the dissapointpent but thats IA words believe if you want.

Well, there isn’t really much content to speak of to be honest. The original Mother-Hen Ship, a few normal waves and the Space Police (if that’s even considered CI2 content).

Polices are about stealing food I guess…

Ah,yes,police would definitely steal from you. That’s exactly what the police is for.


Orandza, no I mean there will be stealing food missions from CI4 IIRC. These activities can trigger polices. Like good amounts of easy food but there will be police waves randomly for how much do you wanted. Dying in these waves will take a percentage of your food and your wanted amount will be resetted.

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