No More Activity


As the title says, i’m gonna be no longer active on this forum again even if you apologize to me or send me a message…


Okay, so why did you bother to make a new topic about it?

Well, as you’ve claimed, you won’t be active on this forum, so you will obviously not answer that, it’s just that, what’s the point of making a topic about it? It’s not like somebody actually cares…
And if someone does actually care, oh well, I’ve been proven wrong before and I accept it without any conflicts.

I would’ve also not have bothered replying because, as you have claimed, you won’t be active any longer, but I know you’re reading this right now and I know that you’ll check this topic regularly to see what people say about this topic.

I’m not trying to pick on you or anything, I apologize if I have offended you in any way so far, but really now?
Why even bother to make a post about not being active anymore when it’s that that it’s what you’re claiming, therefore this renders this topic meaningless because, according to you, which you’ve stated that you won’t be active anymore, you will not even check for replies.

Also, may I ask, how would you have known that people would apologize to you if you’ve stated that you will not be active anymore?
Obviously, you will also not answer that, because, you, as you’ve claimed, won’t be active anymore.


Goodbye and success in future ventures. If it was someone highrated and regular user i would have been sorry, but for you I wish you the best out of the forum if you do not want to be at a serious level. Why do you got angry with such little things? Or grow up or keep on level just like everyone else because not everyone wants to tolerate such insignificant theater.


I guess goodbye @SuperKiddo. We will miss you for good, and I know that you can’t see this message…
And to everyone, I wonder what he’s doing right now…


Best of luck Superkiddo.The forum is always open for your return.


Welp, never seen you before but good luck anyway