No More Activity Anymore. (Not a lie this time!)


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And there he goes again…


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And again you didn’t have to make a whole new topic about it just to fill up the forums with useless posts like this, again nobody cares who’s leaving.


What @anotheruser12 said.


I’m not doing anything, you’re making this image for yourself.


Let’s see what you got here first,

How the hell can she render you useless?

He didn’t act like @Karizaki, he’s just telling the true thing about your topic being meaningless.

Well, if you delete your first post in your topic, it’ll be deleted in 24 hours I suppose.


(this is the last post im posting in this topic)

Yes, why?
All I just said was “and there he goes again…”, so why do you need to ask this unnecessary question?


The better question is why did he bother to reply when he said he’s not being active anymore (again, after saying that once already and coming back just after 1 day).


Lol…I forgot to answer that question, yeah I could have could’ve answer that question.
Anyway iA needs to lock this topic now, as it’s really useless.


So two people point out the problems with your ideas, and

you frequently regret your poſts. Hmmm.


If you open 1 more topic, I am gonna report you as a spammer.


I’d assume that pretty much the only reason why he creates these is either to get attention or to make the two of us look bad to the rest of the community,even though we simply pointed out what was true.


Either way, those topics that @SuperKiddo wasn’t needed to just make the forum fill with useless topics like this. So why would he make another topic for that reason? Nobody cares who’s leaving or not.


I would only care the most if IA leaves the forum or some very important user. Please stop doing stupid things. Looking better would be to leave, because you can change your mind every day whether you are not active anymore or not.


I’ll not reply him again. He’s just a slow mindless guy.

EDIT: @SuperKiddo If you do this again, ill message iA to IP ban you. And that’s it posting here.


In my opinion, you are a valuable player of this community. I am not gonna believe a guy believes you are bad. Thats last message of topic. Making this topic longer will be just a cancer cell for this forum.


Goodbye and welcome back!


What??? He’s said he’s never gonna come back, so why do feel the need to say “Welcome back”?
That’s enough posting in this topic FOREVER.


It’s a joke. That’s why he said welcome back.