New "XX power!" for BX Spacecraft Series

I see how the score is calculated when the spaceship reaches “XX power!” which we see now (Specifically, when collecting the 20th power-up, you will receive 2 lines: “Firepower 5,000” and “XX power! 100,000”) is only TRUE for the spacecrafts of Muller series. As for the spacecrafts of BX series, after we reach the two “lines” that I mentioned above, we have to collect 4-8 more power-ups to reach their TRUE Maxpower level (MAX power: 24 with BX-7, 26 with BX-8, 28 with BX-9)…
Therefore, please revise the scoring method when the spacecrafts of BX series reach “Maxpower!” as follows:

  • With BX-7: “XX power! 100,000” appears with “Firepower 5800”
  • With BX-8: “XX power! 100,000” appears with “Firepower 6200”
  • With BX-9: “XX power! 100,000” appears with “Firepower 6600”

Yeah you’re a little late for this. The bonus was renamed.


besides that, making the bonus require more firepower would give those ships a disadvantage on some competitive missions


OK. I knew. And I edited it.

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