New Weapons (for the chickens!)

These ideas might be used for new enemies and bosses.

  1. Space Mine

Well, I’ve already explained this in my previous post. A navy mine but floats in the space. Medium asteroid sized, blast into 3-5 shards if destroyed. There are three types: passive, which doesn’t get triggered unless you hit it; semi-active, which is triggered if you come near; and active, which will explode anyway, just like a timed bomb.

I have ideas to make “Mine Field” wave, which is just like asteroid wave but with mines, and might become a special mission “Minesweeping” and the boss is Mine Layer in my previous post. Also, it might be interesting if terminator chickens start chasing you while you dodge those mines.

  1. Heat-seeking Egg

This special egg can bend up to 45° toward you if you’re in its range.

  1. Homing Missile

Yes, the infamous homing missile will chase you, it will be destroyed after 5 second, though. This weapon belongs to bosses because some waves will be impossible if this weapon is there.

  1. Expansion Orb

This weapon grows as it travels farther. While in normal waves it grows not that big, the bosses has the bigger version with higher growth rate.

  1. Iron Feather-shaped Kunai

This one belongs to Ninja Chick boss that I suggested before. It acts the same way like other feathers, but weigh more.

  1. Electric Ball

It appears in my fifth U.C.O suggestion, and might also appear in normal waves. But I still don’t know how to make it not OP as it will link to each other, maybe only link with the other that fired at same time?

  1. Magnetic Force

This attack pulls your spaceship to its center point, you still can move, but harder. Generated by something like a drone, and certain boss.

  1. Yolk Spill

The idea is a tanker spaceship carries yolk and when you destroy it, The yolk will spill out of it. The yolk is dangerous to touch, so watch out! Well, I still don’t know why those chickens deliver the yolk to somewhere.

  1. Glair Spill

The white egg part. It won’t kill you but slow your movement down by 25%. It also affect the egg cannon’s egg launch.


The Magnetic Force would only work with a captured mouſe.

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How do work with mouse?

I don’t quite remember this idea, but if it directly links to random chickens… oof. Especially on waves that encase you in chickens.


Ugh, I don’t realize that there will be a problem like that…
Maybe your cursor still move at same speed but your spaceship is delayed, or while in area effect your mouse sensitivity is decreased? Which is better, or you maybe have better solution? :slight_smile:

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