New weapons and satalite

First please add some new chicken that the best weapon in the game not good to this chickens becasue its bored when there is only the best weapon in the game.The first weapon is poison.The poison will hit the chicken and it will be damged slowly and dies.

The second weapon is auto-target.This weapon will target the chickens with out aiming just shoot and relax but it damage will be weak

The new satalite is the sheild.The sheild will defend the side that you carry him,and if there is to sheilds in one side will defend more 1 sheild=1 hit defend you can use it 2 times but if you use it one time you need to wait 7seconds until it loads and its legendary to find and it will be so expensive

The new satailte is the magent you what it does it does get the money and the food to you and it does not stay for long just 20 seconds and you wait 5 seconds for the next use. you can use it 3 times


In my opinion, IA should focus on balancing existing weapons before adding more. I’m looking forward to seeing Galbatorix’s proposed changes implemented.

I was honestly surprised that he decided to introduce the Absolver Beam, but as of v.37 it is extremely well balanced and acts as a normal weapon - it’s neither OP in every wave nor useless in every wave. Perfect for Boss Rushes, terrible for asteroid waves, for example. That’s how weapons should work in my opinion. Or be good in all waves like the Vulcan Chaingun, not OP nor weak.


Has this been officially confirmed as to-do yet?
I’d like to see it as much as everyone else, but iA isn’t obligated to add it, even if Galbatorix has put tons and tons of effort into it. If there’s an official comment stating otherwise I’d love to see it and be wrong, though.


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