New weapon idea: Bionic beater

This is a weapon i thought for a long time.
Bionic beater (BB for short) is an energy(maybe) type and will shoot interleaving light projectiles and do heavy damage if both .
(giftbox i drew)

The weapon projectiles will go in a helix-type of path and when it connects it will do heavy damage on contact, but if there is no contact, it will keep going, it has 2 projectiles that can go through chickens and barriers and do light damage. The more heat you have, the faster it shoots, but the weaker the damage.

(its a bad drawing, but its just an explanation)

The higher the Lvl, the wider the light projectiles will travel and At Lv 10, it will fire another volley, but very narrow, and at lvl 20 it will fire a total of 3 volleys.


Can pierce through barriers
Can be used in multiple situations
Can shred densely-packed chickens


Doesn’t have good spread
No piercing against big enemies
Bad at low Lvls
Slow projectiles

How good is this idea?

  • Good idea
  • “Meh” idea
  • Bad idea

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bionic is a youtuber

search bionic meaning

having or denoting an artificial, typically electromechanical, body part or parts.

“there’s no doubt that bionic arms has transformed life”

Idea is somewhat decent, but making the weapon bad at low fp on purpose is questionable.


If Bionic see this…

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