New Waves Suggestion: Rings Around The Rosie

Kind of like how “Spiral of Doom” Entrance Appears, but x3
3 Entrances Point is where the chickens appears to circle around the center continuously. The following Is the quantity of chickens in each ring:

  • Red Ring: A total of 16 chickens, but 8 can only appear
  • Green Ring: A total of 20 chickens, but 10 can only appear
  • Purple Ring: A total of 24 chickens, but 12 can only appear
    If a chicken in each ring is lacking, then another chicken can replace that chicken by entering to the line is in contact of the ring, adjusting the formation to make it symmetrical and so on.

The center however, I was thinking of two Option to Put in the center in a form of poll:

  • A Single Safe
  • Two Chickennaut Circling with two more for replacement

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Anyway I hope you Like My Idea :slight_smile:

Edit: This Confirmed that the center will be 2 chickenaut circling at the center with two more for replacement. Thank you for your participation!


I think what we have a litte problem with the poll…

Nothing’s wrong

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