New Wave Idea

Wave name: “Chickroid’s” (combination of chickens and asteroids)

Wave info:
Chickroid wave is like asteroids wave but with chickens that appear from the corners and seek the player or stay in mid space which is best left for @InterAction_studios to choose.Also asteroids and chickens should have 2x HP because this level should appear above 95% difficulty.Also in asteroids belt missions this wave would have a 10% chance with normal difficulty to appear in those missions and a higher difficulty increases the chance of this wave appearing.Also in hot environment asteroids should be hot and red like normal asteroid waves.

(Sorry for the poor quality of the image above but you get the point anyway)

Thank you for reading my topic’s!


I pictured the Terminators Asteroids wave.

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Are the asteroids stationary or are they flying in some directions?

They are flying which is harder cuz it appears above 95% difficulty.


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