New Wave Idea: Seeing Star / Starlight Mayhem

Well…I don’t know how to start with. Just get Into the topic

Seeing Star

  • Gray: Indestructable Barrier

  • Yellow: Chicken Spawn Direction

  • Light Green: Safe Zone

  • Green: Portal

  • This wave have save zone (If you like you can remove the save zone, because I feel It unnecessary). Have a zoom out like Gadiator wave

  • With Indestructable barrel apper In the outline (no Egg Barrier), and a Portal. This portal will spawn 5 chickens each spawn like a star shape (Random Star Shape Direction). When the chickens hit the barrier, It will bouncing continuously until the Player kill the chicken. This have 1 type of chicken and Indestructable barrel only

Starlight Mayhem
(Sorry Starlight :slight_smile: )

  • Orange: Chicken

  • Light Blue: Destructable Barrier

  • Red: Enemy Apper

  • Light Green: Safe Zone

  • Pink: Lasergun Chicken

  • Blue: Chick Gattling Gun

  • Zoom out like wave: Whip Into Shape

  • Have a safe zoon In the middle

  • Apper from outline, the chickens will spin In 1 direction (left or right) and the barrier will spin In reverse way (left or right). And the chicken will change shape overtime (like the pic bellow). And also 1 type of chicken and Barrier only (No Indestructable Barrier again)


Speed will be faster/slower depending on difficult


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