New wave idea ''Critical Connections''

This Wave is likely a mix betwen: ‘‘The Weakest Link’’ and ‘‘Electrifying Descent’’ wave (Or few of the others that requires green lighting)

It would look like this: (*Y E S, made ugly)

The chickens will be falling at a slow-medium speed, giving the recruit limited time to destroy them before being crushed (Or Electrocuted) by the lightings. Beware of touching the lightings on the sides too (Obviously).

The zoom would be like ‘‘20%’’ less than normal waves

It can also appear like this (The recruit will shoot that direction):

Thats all… Goodbye.


Electric fences (or “green lightning”, was you call it) must always start and end at an enemy.

Fences connecting to other fences (like in your picture) are not possible.


I suppose that limitation could be ‘bypassed’ by just linking the fences to indestructible barriers.

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