New wave idea : chicken in the core

Chicken in the core
About this wave : When the wave starts, you see the safe zone and then twenty-four metals or less get stuck . Now some chickens are coming and you have to kill it until the next chicken comes .
Here’s a video of the wave :point_down:


Not enough details
Tell me if you want more details

I love it, but maybe the barriers should be lv4 (they should shoot red beams like in Shoot The Core) to spice it up a bit


Great idea, but the safe zone should be larger and more chicken should spawn in it

but not shooting too much like in “shoot the core” level


One word. .jpeg

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I love this video. :joy:
What software are you using to make it?

But in all seriousness, it’s a cool wave idea. Maybe if the barriers got closer with each chicken you destroy, or something? It seems a shade too easy at the moment. @Francis also had a good suggestion to make them the shooting barriers.


Bombers would have a bad time…

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Added to v.82 :medal_sports: Idea