New wave concept: Chicken fountain

This is my first ever wave concept, I hope to be clear in the explanation

This wave will start to appear at 60% difficulty range.

The wave looks like this:

On the bottom there are 30 chickens that move to the colummn in order to be “propelled”

Barriers are unbreakable ones (didn’t find that sprite in the wiki)

Chickens follow different movement patterns (mirrored on the left too) when they are propelled

Due to this kind patterns, unkilled chickens will return in the bottom of the screen just like water in a fountain

Wave ends when all the 30 chickens are defeated


How? Will they leave the screen and return from the bottom? Or drop right through the barriers?


Chickens will drop trough the barriers


Interesting. However, how will your spaceship cross from side to side? It seems to me that the “fountain” will be blocking your path.


Maybe let’s make it a volcano? It can be a little hill with opening in the middle. You still would need to be aware of chickens flying off, but it’s easier to change sides because they don’t exist.


Would portals/wormholes work? I mean chickens spawned by a portal/wormhole moves in a parabolic direction.


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