New version for heroes academy!

Can you add CI2 server and CI3 server in heroes academy
It will be so funny when you play CI2 or CI3 in CIU!!

Yeah, it would be funny to increase the game size in two while giving away the paid games for free on a modern absolutely-for-sure-compatible-with-older-projects engine. Oh, and making it online, too.


If they were to be added in the style of the anniversary mission, CI2 and CI3 dont have a whole lot of unique content that isn’t already present in CIU. For CI2 it’s about 25 wave types, paratrooper chickens, maybe the 3d flying chickens and cutscene stuff, while for CI3 it’s about 15 wave types, egg ships and egg drones and maybe cutscene stuff, so the graphics and sound data wouldnt add much to the game’s current size

From a technical standpoint it doesnt seem to be too difficult, but these games are still sold separately so there’s no reason to make them free to play here


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