New Team-based Special Weapon: Coolant Spreader

Coolant Spreader, when activated, will leave a new coolant zone where your spaceship currently is.
All spaceships (including others’ spaceships in MP), can stand in it, and fire without losing any extra heat. (heat stays the same if fired in this zone, and doubles heat loss if not fired in this zone)

This weapon is all about setting up a fort which increases your firepower for a bit (by reducing the worry of Cooldown completely), in exchange for the complete loss of maneuverability.
It’s also beneficial if some of your teammates have Overdrive, which can really increase team battle effectiveness.

Zone lasting time: about 10 seconds
(it creates a stationary cooling zone - you’re most likely not going to use all that time before having to dodge away)

Zone radius: 1.5 times x the Cold chicken’s Death radius

Price: Depending on the zone lasting time + radius.
Lasting time and radius goes up, price per unit goes up.
For 10 seconds, with the current radius the price should be 6 keys/unit.

If this gets added, this will be the first team-based Special Weapon to be added in the game.
Which would really be fun in squad games - one could use support items while the other goes full on damage. (provided the key balancing issues get fixed)


Cool idea. Unfortunately, already suggested.

It’s not the same idea but it’s kinda similar


It being a booster would make more sense, As Using it with your own overdrive would make it being used alongside dimensional phaseout would make it an expensive but useful and versatile combo

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