New special weapon

my idea is a new special weapon this special weapon when you use it it will disable overdrive for 30 second


How would that even be useful


yeah being not able to inscrease your dps is uSeFuL
AgReEd :-1:

Hopefully you tried riddler with overdrive

I don’t know why are you so irritated of the overdrive to the point that you even want something to disable it… there’s no positive effect from your idea at all.

okay it is not useful i know and i know it is bad idea

You should stop posting ideas only for the sake of posting them. Try putting some actual effort into these next time.


Overdrive is good, it lets you manage your own fire rate in exchange for more heat.

i can’t play with it

if you knew it is useless, why did you suggest it? image

If you can’t why are you playing? image

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