New special weapon idea

The fire rate booster
This special weapon will boost the fire rate of the main weapons by 200% and it will last for about 10 seconds. It would be really useful for those moments when you re tired of repeatedly pressing the fire button. With this special weapon equipped, all you have to do is to activate it, hold down the fire button and enjoy your weapon firing automatically 3 times faster than normal.


“Special weapon” might be a wrong way to put it, maybe a perishable, but I like the idea. We have damage boosters, why not fire rate boosters?

Unless they already exist and I just haven’t seen them in the shop?


Perfect idea, Yeah, as you said, it’s tiring having to click the fire button to fire a lot.


No they don’t.

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But, what if I decided to spam click while this booster is on? Will Untensil Poker fire like a machine gun and destroys everything on its path?

I don’t think it will apply to manual since manual is faster than automatic anyways and overheats slower.


So basically glorified damage amp except it overheats in a second?


nope. it’s just a fire rate booster, boggy.

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How, in any way, is this like the damage amplifier? Your own post suggests that by the time weapons overheat, they would inflict the same amount of damage before overheating as when one of these Fire Rate Boosters isn’t used.

Now maybe a fire rate booster combined with a damage amplifier…

There is no need to spam while using this special wep. Its enough to hold the fire button down and you have utensil poker machine gun.


Fire three times as fast or simply deal 3 times as much damage with an amplifier - in both cases 3x damage

But fire rare != damage output, it literally just makes your weapon faster. It wouldn’t give you a damage boost.

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Yeah this booster will make Plasma overheat instantly.

Still mostly the same outcome and its use is basically dealing more damage with your primary weapon which an amp already does

also how would it work with absolver

Charging time reduced?


Not sure how much iA is willing to hard code that specific interaction though

You’re saying this as if it wouldn’t require adding like 2 lines of code.

the absolver beam will charge faster

Look, with absolver, it will reduce charging time, do not worry.

This sentence got repeated like 2 or 3 times already.