New shield: Frying Pan

Bringing back exclusively from CI3 cutscene, the frying pan that the hero used to shielded himself from Yolk Star’s laser!

Operation: It can be used as a temporary shield to deflect any projectiles from hitting you but for a number of limited times (maximum 2-3) before it’s destroyed

Mounting positions: Anywhere on your ship if there is any available slots (recommended at front-end)

Warning: It cannot be used to shield you from lightning strikes and rear-end collisions.

Price: 854 keys (Galactic Store - will be cheaper in Heroware)

Mass: 789

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This was probably already suggested. And as for this idea, I have mixed feelings because on the one hand it may be a really good idea, but on the back of my head something tells me that it probably won’t work. I personally say that it may have quite a good potential.
(not counting personally additional booster allowing for penetration through objects)
I would suggest replacing the satellite with something else (in the sense of a category)

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Satellites aren’t shields. they are sub weapons.

Sounds like it would be outclasses by bbq.

Suggested by me here
And I think mine is more balanced

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