New satellite

I couldn’t choose a good name for him
This satellite is stronger than any other satellite that launches a laser and the shape of the laser is similar to that which is launched by master squaker
Note: I hope you will have a look and look for the subject of nuclear chicken


Power bar, is it an ammo indicator or can you charge the laser for maximum damage?

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Ammunition indicator

Then I suggest you repurpose it: basically you can charge your laser, and that power bar will show its charge, a charged laser will deal more damage but consume more ammo.

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Sounds a good idea yes it should be added

That’s not really a good thing. Weapons should be properly balanced, not made overpowered.

Also, this is quite a vague suggestion. It’d be nice if you came up with some more details. Hell, I made a post back in January suggesting a weapon that also fits the criteria of “satellite, laser, charging mechanic”.


In his defence, he just said stronger, not explicity OP.


Yeah, something really strong that wastes the ammo pretty fast isn’t OP, if the total damage made by the weapon is roughly the same.
It is sort of a ‘Take a taste of your own dish, suckers!’, attacking chickens with lasers like they do all the time. Unlimited range and NOT destroying projectiles, like a faster and stronger machine gun but that lasts shorter.


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