New satellite idea

New satellite idea: chicken launcher!
I was bored … so I created this exclusive satellite only avaiable on who will buy the chicken hunter lecense (you supporter the game? You obtain this).
So… let’s descrive it!
This satellite is aestetically similar to the boss in the return to earth charpter in cluck of dark side. It will have 5 ammos (Showed with 5 eggs that are orbiting around the hen).
The proyectyles will be chichens! (Yes, is weird).
The particularity of the chickens proyectiles is the fact that they bounce on 3/4 enemies inflicting a damage equal to double their heath. The chickens that are fired are chosen randomly between: chick, normal, armored and military so… Extreme randomizer!

Please comment with your opinions


Firſt of all, I don’t think that there ſhould be excluſive weapons for thoſe with the chicken hunter’s licence. That juſt ſtarts to ſound like the “get addicted with the crappy free verſion, and then buy the expenſive verſion with excluaſive new things!” technique. I might juſt be hyper-ſenſitive on this point, though, in which caſe I’m ſure you guys will let me know.

Secondly, throwing chickens at chickens juſt ſeems odd and out of place.

Laſtly, it might be fine on this front, but it ſounds a lot like Angry Birds, which might be a problem.


It will be fun, if the satellite chickens unite with the evil chicks against you ( satellite who spawn for example earth chickens and they betray you after that :sweat_smile:).

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I did not want this message to be transmitted. it’s just that it seems to me that the chicken hunter lecense does not show any stkmulus to buy it … I only wanted to suggest something to help the developers to be supporter (I am a fun of this series that has bought the games since the third chapter I will take the license anyway)

Because throw their flu or kill them with forks isn’ strange enought

Can you explain me better This point? Why This is supposed to be too similar to angry birds? Only because you throw birds?

it would be a good way to nerf this satellite. maybe get the chickens throwned to join the chickens in the wave (random movement)

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On the third, yes, that is exactly why it might be a problem, depending on graphics and whatnot. I’m not ſaying it’s not a good idea, but this is a conſideration.

To Traveller

I do not think it can be such a big problem: let’s remember that we got the Henterprise, the Yolk star and even the enemies of space invaders with a mother ship in tow followed in three games. chicken invaders born as a parody series … if someone noticed a little reference ( non-existent, because I do not think everyone would connect a chicken house to a slingshot) why exclude an idea?

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