New Rocket

The idea is about rocket that freeze time in the game
I will call it

Time Rocket
What’s better than freezeing in space
Freezeing time

The Time Rocket will be available in shop
1 time rocket = 22 keys

It is expensive i think but i guarantee that it will get you out of some sticky situations

The rocket will be shoot to the middle of the screen
And stay there for 2 sec
Then it activates with visiual effects
(More footage soon)

It will freezes everything from projectiles to bosses
Even waves

It will give you time to attack chickens or maybe
Take screenshots

But it will be more helpful at bosses

**About the time rocket **

Freezeing time : 6 seconds
Damage : low damage
Cost : 22 keys
Activating time : 2 seconds [maybe disabled ]
Most efficient use : in bosses

Physical appearance : Rocket top is blue , tall and have a watch in middle of it
(More footage soon)

I hope you like it
And i wish it is original

What do you think ?
  • Perfect
  • Nice
  • Good
  • In between
  • Bad
  • Awful

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well… the egg freeze too?

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Time freezing… Damn that would help hella lots. Sounds good to me! But add some images to see the visual effects or the design of this rocket

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Yes it will

Sooner or later because i have more ideas
So i will make new topic
With all ideas i have + footages


i don’t think it needs to be somewhat a rocket, just make it like phase-outs


Jojo reference

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