New mode: Lights out!


Will they add onto planets incresing the number of misssions, or rather replace them?


They’ll be added.


here’s a question: will they be like invasion missions but everywhere is dark and we can barely see some enemies?


Well, congrats and thank you for this mode.


Becauſe 1) Uſing bigger numbers makes ſaving up for a more expenſive item more ſatisfyïng, and 2) it allows more preciſe pricing in the lower range.


There should be a lantern and it only lights our path.


I point this now:
A darkness mission in a star is nosense


Rogue planets, distant planets, black holes would fit them.


thats great and also @orandza you created a mod on this for CI5 and you needed alot of skills to succes on it so making a mode like your mod on CIU is a great idea cause it can improve your skills
and make you a better player at the whole chicken invaders franchise, even though almost everyone is a good player, improvement wont hurt anyone