New Mission: Wingman mode

Sometimes chickens bring big shields, preventing the soldiers to kill them fast to easily overwhelming us. But friendship is magic, Call.
Your friends to fight with you!

NOTE: this is not a multiplayer game suggestion

How’s it work: it’s basically chicken invasion or hybrid mission if possible but your damage is reduced by 50%. During mission config, you can choose one of your contact to fight with you. The chosen contact will use the flagship and the weapon it’s using. It’s damage output is also -50%

In-game: the chosen wingman will act like hen-solo in chapter 2 of CI4. Fire only when you fire.

Reward: the wingman will receive 50% amount of keys that the main recruit received during the mission.

Note: each wingman has 24 hours cooldown. Using the same wingman again will cost keys. Wingman will not fire on overdrive. Wingman can’t die (like hen-solo).


"Henpire ahead, [wingman_callsign] cover me!

“The henpire’s strong here, I require assistance!”

“Calling for help”

“Oh, you’re here [wingman_callsign], let’s do this!”

OP: this could turn into a perishable item.


Multi player?

Blame my mobile keyboard bestie

atomics and difficulties should also affect the damage output, because no one wants to bring along hen solo from ci4 on 100% missions lol

Did I stutter?

true, only at 1%-75% will have this gamemode

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