New Mission Types: Asteroids Survival & Power-Ups Rush

Hello Guys, What’s up Today? Today I got a good idea about new mission types, I found two. Let’s Talk about them:

  1. Asteroids Survival:

As the name says, It’s about a mission you have to survive the Asteroids Waves, Which I think should from 1x6 to 1x13 or 1x15, That mission should contain types of the Asteroids wave same in Chicken Invaders 2: The Next Wave, But it will randomly exist, Finally, The Boss of the Mission should be ( Magnetic Manipulator ). Some People will tell me: It Already exists in Asteroids Belt, I know that and agree with all of you, But the difference is that mission type will be in The Planets That have Rings.

  1. Power-Ups Rush

That Mission type is about that when you kill a/an chicken or enemy object or -asteroid (If Existed)-, There 25% chance to get a Power-ups or Weapons Gift (I mean the weapons itself, but because Its Sharp looks like a gift), That looks makes the mission easier, But that in your dreams, The Difficulty must be from 85% to 100%, and that because of the Increased Getting Power-ups Chance.

After you read the topic, maybe you will find I have Grammarly mistakes Because I am Arabic, So I am sorry about that. If you find that useful, tell me. If you have better ideas about that, Tell me. Thanks for reading my topic and I hope you liked it.

X-Space Raven-X.


Already in the game

Excellent idea, very original, i hope what this be in the game


Me too. Thanks.

I like the power up rush. Maybe wait for weapon rebalance finished first, picking them is death sentence.

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Power up rush sounds fun


If Power Up rushes are difficult, does that mean the key spawn rate is higher. just kidding

A super-hard mission with tons of powerups?
Love love love this idea, yes please.

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Is Sudden death if the weapons are unequilibred

i cant do any negativo post, is the most loved idea what i see in the forum

I would love seeing this mission in-game :wink:

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it’s ready in version 41? or not?

It isn’t

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