New Mission Type: Hardcore

I Have Another Hell Good Idea!
That Mission Type Will be Called “Hardcore”

Hardcore Mission Type Looks like the Normal One, But it Hardest One That The Difficulty will be 100% and The Stages of the waves will be from 3x10 to 3x15, The Power-ups will be disabled, or getting it a chance will be decreased. If you see that after every time you play that Mission type, The Scores and the keys you have achieved will be doubled even if you failed the mission.
If you see that will be easy a bit, That means you will do it in your dreams,
All mountable( Example: Progress Meter and Extra Life and Speedly Recovery ), Special Weapons, Satellites, and anything that you prepare for will be disabled.
That means you will Fight A big elite chicken army alone. No Mercy you will find. You will fight only with your main weapon.

Before you start, You have to remember one thing. You will be like reality, Like the normal person in real life. You have only one Life. If you died, The game is over.

Already suggested, but the Topic was deleted.

Also, this sound like the old SSH

Maybe you are right.

Eh, this is what difficulty levels are for. We don’t need mission type dedicated to being super hard.

That’s basically how I play anyway :stuck_out_tongue:


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