New mission tipe (+ New boss): Time Flow

So, you know about the theory that time flows differenty in black holes? Well, let’s do something with it.
This type of mission will be only in, again, black/wormholes. It’s simbol would be a circular clock quadrant without hands and chicken winds on it’s sides. It’s color would be a light brownish.
Their waves would be the normal ones, but after a random amount of time the game speed will either change to faster or lower.
When the speed changes, some semi transparent pocket watchs couls appear at the corner of the screen to indicate it, if the hands spin clockwise, the speed would increase and viceversa. The effects lasts for a random amount of time, then the speed returns to its normal state. Rinse and Repeat
Also it could be nice if the music could go in accordance with the game speed

They Measure Time With This?!

It’s a mechanical chicken, big like one and a half CI3 big chicken (a zoom-out may be required).
The only part that has a full exterior metal shell is the head; said metal shell is made of rusty metal plates screwed together. Its eyes are clock quadrants (do you think it would be too creepy?) whose hands spin in the opposite direction of each other.
The rest of the body is like the interior of a machine: the metal shell is only on his back (which we can’t see) and its front is made out of moving gears, dented whells and other clock parts, all of a red, rusty color.

75000 HP

The boss will be strong against metal class weapons, and weak to hot and electric class weapons.


  1. Time’s up
    The boss will stop and shoot two clock hands (obviously of different sizes) at the opposite of each other, in a random direction.
  2. Spare parts
    The boss will charge for a second, with a brownish effect (Like an Infinichick) and will shoot clock parts in quick succession, drawing a circle.
  3. Framed
    A circular, brown clock frame will slowly appear from the edge of the screen and limit the moving space (it does damage, obviously). When it finishes it will look like this and after some time it will go away like it came.
    (Sorry, i know its crappy)
    4.Pendular Javelin
    A golden pendulum will slowly come out from the butt of the boss, then it will swing for a bit and finally be aimed and thrown at the player.

At random intervals of time, the hands in his eyes will stop, then spin like crazy in a direction.
Clockwise= faster game speed and vice versa. The effects lasts for a random amount of time, then the speed returns to its normal state. Rinse and Repeat

13-15 coins, 90.000 points and an atomic powerup.
When it explodes, clock parts (although smaller than the harmful ones) will be ejected in one direction, along with a brown explosion effect like a chicken boss. It could be nice if its death sound could be a syntheticl chicken sound, along with the sounds when its harmed.

I would like some feedbacks, Possibly negative, pointing out the things that concern you.


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