New mission: strong globe (with boss)

  • strong globe
    Strong globe is actually a mission that can be found in suns, cold planets, hot planets. Is a hard mission just like ironman competition but it can be harder with SSH.
    It’s actually made of “key rush and ironman and hybrid”
    Tier needed: 20
    If you finish a stage you get 7-12 keys.
    It’s actually random that what mission you fly.
    It’s like weekly challenge (it has random waves every week)
    And hard as ironman competition
    Gives you a key every wave like key rush
    And here’s the mission icon:

    Also this type of mission should be rarer than key rush.
  • The boss:

    Why the heck are you white
    Name: Globe crystal
  1. Purple bullets (like thunder cluck’s)
    It shoot purple bullet just like thunder cluck
  2. Crystal shield (from ci5 heart of darkness)
    It makes crystals to act like shield
  3. Crystal rain
    Crystals spawn from top and goes to bottom.
    And repeats
    I hope you enjoy this.
Which one you thing should be added?
  • Both
  • The boss
  • The mission type
  • None

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I accept everyone.

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