New Medal : Food hunter

This medal is awarded when you collect 1000 pieces of food in a entire mission , The medal shape will be golden large piece of chicken like this


Why don’t you just take the roast chicken image from the chicken invaders wiki? It would look better.

i dont know that , link ?

CI Wiki

That’s cute… Btw, isn’t that would be similar to 10k selling food?

It wouldn’t be obtainable in a lot of the missions and it would be too easy to get on weekly challenge


No , it isnt similar

whats wrong then , you dont get keys from medals do ya ?

The fact that it isn’t obtainable so easily as it is said above.

yes, only points from medals.

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Whatever , it is easy or not

It’s not about that only, it’s also about that it isn’t obtainable on most of the missions. you can’t design a medal that’s not obtainable in all cases.

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What ? but there is medals isnt also obtainable and its in the game


, like that medal that you should not get any firepowers in any single star system

is that not obtainable?

-.- , yeah

I don’t think so. just avoid collecting any firepower in a single stage and you’ll see. try it in a short mission.

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and it didnt work , also forget to do that

I prefer when “Appetite” make a comeback on this game instead, somewhat similar to “Supersize Me” but you must collect 50 food items within a wave.


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