New Market Satellite: Rebuffed from the Failure

If you have lost all your lives in-game (not in mainmenu), and “Mission Failed” appears, and after that you can add additional 3 extra lives when the “Lost all lives? You can add 3 more lives for just ??? keys” (you decide, what it will cost.) and buttons “Buy it”, “Cancel Mission” appear, if you click “Buy It” two times, you will respawn, or “Cancel Mission” will end the mission with “DEFEAT”, and message will appear that “Your extra life has been deprived”.

This satellite can be used only ONCE & buyed in the market for ??? keys. If my idea doesn’t fit into this game, then I’m sorry to say this. I’m just not skilled to CIU ideas.

EDIT: To someone saying “this is a bad/worst idea ever” read the end of title! That’s because I’m not to much skilled to the interests of CIU and also the ideas.

Hmm… It’s like some mobile games

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This should be in this page: Tell everyone, What New Content won't be added NEVER!

Seriously, that’s the worst idea I could ever think of.


Oh, then I’m sorry that this idea hurt your feelings. I thought this was your opinion.

And please, read the end of the topic! I’m not skilled to these ideas, you know.

That doesn’t stop people from judging your idea,you know. Though “worst idea I could ever think of” is a bit too much


This thing will turn CIU in “Subway Chickfer”.

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“Dead Chickger 2”

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Well, it’s just an idea anyway, so I understand that you are just trying to have an idea approved by IA. Sorry if this hurts your feelings.

Just because the game’s gone f2p and will have a mobile version doesn’t mean that such features should be added.

Don’t worry about it. Noöne is.