New Ideas for CIU Future Updates

Hi I’m going to show some of my ideas for CIU future updates.

1.Chicken Invaders Universe is great…but it’ll be greater if there were other stars like neutron stars,pulsars,quasars and magnetars.

2.The max level of your power is 20,I’ll be glad if they made another power level like “Super Max” at 30 and of course a stronger firepower.

3.There should be more rush keys missions like 1 in 20 solar systems.

4.There should be more reactors,engines and heatsinks to buy.

5.There should be asteroids in mid-space not only orbiting solar systems.

6.The last thing that I suggest is the Comet.It would be much more natural if they added comets and waves to them of course.

These were my ideas about CIU future updates.

I hope they add them to CIU!


Everything is fine, but bigger fire would require some work when it comes to the next pattern of bullets. (I think you know what’s going on.) And welcome to the Forum new Recruit!


I only need these two

Well hello there, general kenobi welcome to the forum.

This might be a pain for coding and it’s already suggested, link to topic

Max is powerful enough, more than that can overkill bosses

I think no, you can just spend 1K fuel or lower to find a key rush if this was added.

Then why don’t you write a topic about it?

The asteroids should be bigger, since it’s hard to find something in a black void

They’re already in-game, search a few planets and you’ll find them

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I do prefer a much lower overheat rate, cause look how some weapons perform.

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