New Idea ! 💡

New Idea 💡


You Can now Block 🚫 Players

What does Blocking do

• Prevent them From Entering Your MultiPlayer mode

• Prevent Them from adding you the message would say ( unable to contact this player)

• There Would be a block list in your profile so you can see who did you block and you can see there places

• you can choose not to see them if you want by entering view menu and choose Blocked players

• If you add them at any point there will be messages saying you have blocked this player do you want to unblock him

• If the one who got Blocked wants to ask them to unblock them or be sorry or just want the reason
There would be a button on there profile called
Block bypass you can only use it ((one time ))and there would be auto chat in it to prevent Making Problems using it will give options like
I am Sorry
Or Forgive me
Or why did you block me
Or can you unblock me
Maybe IA will add more

(More Footage Soon)

Multiplayer Menu

You can now edit your own settings when you are in somebody else’s game

• The game won’t pause

• In the right would be a list of people in the multiplayer room you in now
you can also add friend them from there

• There will be Button Called ask to Pause you can press O on your Keyboard to access it faster than going to the menu it will basically ask the host to pause it ( you can request to pause every 45 seconds)
(More Footage Soon)

Friends Chat

Chatting with someone now is a thing
There will be a button On everybody’s Profile called Ask to Chat

• You can only ask them one to chat

• there would be a button on universe Menu called chat by it you can see your chats

• when you ask to chat a message would appear in the other guy’s mail saying

The player Wants to chat with you
Do you accept chatting with them

Yes or No

• There is button in the Chat Called flag or report
When you press it a message will appear Asking

Do you wish to report this player
Why do you want to report them

○ Saying Bad words
○ Harassment
○ Bad speech
○ Spam
Another reason

Do you want to also Block them □

Report or Cancel


• If the same player gets too many report
They would get banned from chatting in the game again (They should be positive reports )

• you can only report him once

• you can only report 3 players every 12 hours
( They don’t stack )

• if you got too many false reports you would be put on the blacklist

(More Footage Soon)

● Why would we need a chat when we have third-party apps

If you met somebody on game and you want to add them in another app it will help you
And also there is other games with chats in it but there also third party apps

The End of my idea

I hope it is original and got your attention

What did you like the most ?
  • Block
  • MultiPlayer Menu
  • Friends Chat

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trueuser has requested to pause the game
trueuser: i need to pee
host: ok


I think you can say that

Actually, blocking is kinda great, but prevent them from daring the player should not be a feature. If you want to not recieve dares, you can exit League for a while. You can do that in ver 100.


But it would be useful if you are being targeted by a player
And everytime you enter a league
He just Spam Daring requests somit would be helpful in that case

But that would lead to an exploit: You can just block the best players to prevent them daring you. That exploit can be worked mostly in highest ranks, make the fights in that rank become unfair.


Well I expected you to say that
And you reminded me to add something in post

The block won’t prevent them from daring you it would add 1 day and 12 hours between each dare

And the more people you block for no reason in leagues the lower your rank gets

Maximum 10 players you can block in league with no reason more than 10 would make you go down at score

It maybe had problems so please tell me if you found any exploit

Because i would add that to the post

that is literally meaningless, you can only dare one specific player once in 24 hours

Oh yeah i forgot that lets add 1 day and 12 hours to it

Sorry abou that

Friend’s chat would be cool as heck, it’s sad i can’t talk to Starbrockle if we’re not in a game together

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Yeah i know i suggested them i wish ia see them
Can you look into it
It would help alot of player

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This is great, so I can block players who are better than me so they won’t dare me!

Blocking people whom you don’t get along at all is an useful feature on every multiplayer game, but it directly affecting gameplay is not a good call.

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“hey can i dare you”

No they still can dare you but between each dare 3 days

The blocking idea is good, though I don’t agree with block bypass. If someone wants to block someone else, they want to do it for a reason. I consider there shouldn’t be a block bypass, at all.
Also as others stated the block daring is unbalanced, but I’ve got nothing to add to that so I’ll leave the others to speak for that.

  • Daring shouldn’t be affected, you can try to avoid it, and you could just block people who dares a lot
  • Okay
  • Okay but there could be a message saying “You are unable to contact with this player” or something
  • Either once for each player or none

There should be a “Block List” option, at the corner in the Contacts option to know who did you block

  • Okay
  • Okay but how would you add friend them, by waiting for the host to stop?
  • Okay

I think for every joining player we should have “Add player” instead of “Kick player” option to add someone, though you may have to request the host to stop, and there isnt any ways to add someone while playing


If you can chat with someone you could just ask directly instead

Oh well thats just my opinion lol

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daring : it wouldn’t be affected alot
About adding : yeah i think you got a point
Block bypass : it is only once when you unable to reach somebody it will directly help you to ask but it have auto message so no one can just insult them or spam

adding menu : no you can pause it yourself but the game will still keep going only host can freeze the game completely

It will help alot of people that doesn’t use third-party apps or by using it you can just ask them about there social media accounts

I hope that’s answers everything

Have good day

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Sorry i didn’t see the notes

Yeah you reminded me i have toadd that to the suggestion

About add player instead of kick player

The host can see both add or kick

The purpose of pause request
That the host freezes the game not actually leting you access the menu

If you got blocked by someone because of a misunderstanding

This would come in handy and it comes with a catch you can only use it one time + it have auto chat on

Well i will remove it because it so broken so yeah

I hope that’s answers everything
Sorry for not responding so fast i didn’t really notice your reply