New idea: monthly super steel chicken league

This challenge is actually held every month or on different occasions (Halloween, Yalda, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Nowruz, and Easter). This is how he can try his luck by paying 200 keys every month at the beginning of different occasions or at the beginning of every month. He will increase his score by playing and earning. About 2000 people have the right to participate. First place prize (survey) The second prize is 10,000 keys 50,000 food Third place prize is 5000 keys 10000 food 4th to 10th prize is 1000 keys 5000 food 11th to 200th prize is 500 keys 1000 meals 21st to 1000th prize 100 keys 1000 meals

Note: The higher the difficulty level of the game you play, the higher your score will be.

Now answer the surveys.

What do you think the prize for first place should be? Answer me so that I can send a picture of it.
  • 1_CHL
  • 2_100000 kyes and 100000 food
  • 3_both

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Will you be given a chance in this league? (For example, you have 150 times to earn points.)
  • yes
  • no
  • I don’t know. maybe

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And finally…

What was my idea?
  • this is perfect
  • this is good
  • not bad
  • it is EH
  • bad
  • Awful

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read this

(I know…now you want to say that it was awful! I know you! :unamused: This is an initial idea. It may look bad in the article in which the idea is presented, but it is something else in practice. Because Some points remain hidden (due to forgetting, surprise and not giving a full explanation, etc.)

What on earth did I just read…

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I lost half of my brain just to merge and rearrange every sentences and words to understand the context. :neutral_face:


Nowroz is a Iranian new year

Pay attention: guys. if the prize for the first person is chl with 100,000 keys and 100,000 food and the first person participates next time as well. if he is the first, he will be rewarded with 100,000 keys and 100,000 food. because he now has chl.

Guys. Send your comment

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you just did it again
just let the topic close on its own

I guess ericbruh is right.

This topic is not a good idea to re-change the challenges


TL:DR. Can you please explain it in a simpler way? And 100K keys +100K food for the 1st place / CHL thats too much. maybe NO CHL and 8K or max 12K keys should be the price. And no, no food as prize.


Take a look at yourself first :face_with_raised_eyebrow: You did that twice.


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