New Idea: Droid Orbiting/Traveling Wormholes

In Chicken Invaders 4, there is a scene where the hero follows a droid to a wormhole that teleports her to the Milky Way which I must say, is a great plot twist for the story.

So why doesn’t droid traveling from Space Burger to wormholes and staying at the wormholes get featured in Chicken Invaders Universe so that players while orbiting wormholes can play a variety of games to not only increase their keys (Retro drops a HUGE amount of keys) but also increase their food. Another thing I want to mention is that certain droid will be able to do this, not all of them so there should be a slight increase in the number of droids

So should this be in the game, let me know by voting and commenting

  • Yes, it should be featured in the game
  • I don’t know if this should be a thing or not
  • No, this is not a good idea

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If you enter this wormhole then it gonna get you to the Space Burger?

No, it doesn’t
You have to travel to the SB like the droid returning to its SB

I have been trying to find wormholes, but can’t find one, do they just randomly disappear, or are they in a specific location, can you give a coordinate for one?

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Hunt Wormholes
Here you go bro!

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A wormhole if it were in a star system


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