New food idea

iI explain it on the new edit of the comment.

Who knows

Pretty much everyone,I believe



But yes.ogg

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Those are sweets, not food.

I don’t believe that thoſe too things are mutuälly excluſive.

Sweets are a type of food.

I know, but you should’t add that much sweets, 5 or 6 are enough.

I think that in this game ſweets ſhouldn’t be added at all (eſpecially as the taſte for chicken and only chicken is kind of a joke).

What about a chicken hot dog???

Obtained from a hot dog boss.

Note: Just a random thought

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That only chicken food in the topic is not a joke.

No suggestions for another food any-moer. :frowning_face:

For future: Before writing commentary, check the date of last one. Or someone will come after you for bumping :smiling_imp:.

Actuälly I think that ſeveral people will.

What about flags?

Flags are different from bumping warnings, therefore it has effect on me.

Good to know.

Ummm…given that I’m not a dev, I’m not ſure I’m the right perſon to ask.