New food idea


I please prefer (you?) adding one of the following food, i also want to explain their food units:

Cookies: 2 food units.
Icecream: 5 food units.
Chocolate: 3 food units.
Chicken Wings: 7 food units.

Hope it will be added.


Sounds nice,but…where would they appear


From bosses that are non-related to chickens only, and the crispy chickens should appear rarely by killing chickens.


We could of have CHICKENS PIE,right?


Sadly, i hate chicken pie.


What about chicken soup

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The only type of soup i like is spicy cheese soup.


How is that relevant?


There’s no mood for me to talk more. Goodbye i guess. :no_mouth:


iA will do something with him for sure. NSFW stuff here is not accepted.


Thanks a lot, you improved my mood. :slightly_smiling_face:


I’m trying to help people. I hate NSFW content, and I WON’T tolerate this.


For the moment, just ignore his messages.


he is hopefuly going to get banned


At the moment it’s better to ignore him until he gets banned.


Hooray! My idea was added to the lastest category of topics! :smile:


Your foods woıld be better if counted in chicken releated. You know, cookie doesnt making from chicken.


No, they’re more better if chicken wings is chicken-related and the rest not chicken-related.