[New Feature] Hired Missions


The hero hires a fellow hunter from a star system to take missions for him, in exchange of an amount of fuel.


  • These can only be unlocked after you’ve finished a star system. You’ll need to finish more star systems to unlock more side missions.
  • These missions are unique to every star system with different amount of fuel cost and time needed to complete each side mission. Example: 6 hours completion time - costs 10 units of fuel.
  • After completion, the hero is paid a certain amount of food items, coins and even keys, but it must be significantly lower than doing the mission yourself.
  • You can only have one side mission available per star system a day to avoid rush grinding and the number of simultaneous side missions is also limited, depending on your rank/level. For example you can do 3 side missions simultaneously from the 20 different star system you’ve finished.
  • The feature title is a placeholder. I may needed a better name.

This feature is useful for someone who is very busy to play the game and don’t want to waste their fuel, like they’re in the middle of their job/class.

I’ve assumed that the fuel system autofills through time.

Any improvements/suggestions?