New Event Idea: Simulation Failure

Captain’s Log:
May 31st, 2123

It was a peaceful time in space when I was going to a Space Burger. I was about to order the usual, when one of my colleagues suddenly messaged me about Retrocluck going nuts in the academy. Looks like breakfast will have to wait…

-120 waves from Anniversary Mission unrecognizably mangled
-Different chicken breeds… in the first mission?!
-Sudden enviroment changes between stages
-Asteroid waves… with comets and supernova debris?!
-Big Chickens replaced with other ones
-New challenger: The Bawker

  • The waves from the first mission’s simulation become progressively varied with other chicken breeds and other bad guys

  • The Bawker is a Big Tricken (tricky chicken breed) who appears to be a hacker wearing Matrix-inspired clothes. Every now and then will open the laptop and type various strings of code that acftivate some patterns from other CIU bosses (e.g. Magnetic Manipulator’s asteroid attack, Dr. Clucker’s potions, Sweater Chicken’s egg cluster, etc.). He can also spawn such enemies like Retro Aliens or Alien Saucers.

  • There’s a chance for Big Chicken to be replaced with the other boss



I think it’s a cool idea. A bit fourth wall breaking though, but the variety ideas are nice. Bawker sounds like one of those conglomerate boss suggestions, but implemented in a fair way. Laptop screen can warn you which attack he’s about to throw.

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