New environment: smoke

The engine heats up 10% faster than normal
It is difficult to see the enemy



I see you have many idea to post here, but make sure to eksplain it properly or detailed.

Like (In this case)
  • What special about it
  • How many (Max) mission on it
  • Send some image (If possible)
  • Are there any score/key bonuses?

(I may be wrong, but it is something like this.)


Hot environments™, weapons overheat 25% faster



Darkness mission on hot planets when

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It’s possible

Oooo wow

sun bro

Question, is there smoke in space?

Does the universe have lightning?

Stop flooding the forum with topics like these, you can post your ideas on the v54 topic, unless it’s a big idea

Boss explosions, spaceship explosion, chickens dying, etc

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