New Environment: Biohazard

In this green-ish looking environment, chickens have been infected with toxic chemicals which makes them drop more firepower but in exchange, your spaceship now can only have a certain amount of firepower or else it would explode due to overload of gamma. You can also buy 10 more new auto-use item called Nitro Exhaust to have 20 more firepower than normal (each costs 175 keys):
-Comet Chase, Supernova, Meteor Storm, Squawk Block, Retro, Feather Fields, Droid Raid: 15 max (I.A might change so please don’t complain about this)
-Chicken Invasion, Key Rush, Darkness, Boss Rush: 25 max (I.A might change so please don’t complain about this)

What do you think, comment and vote to let me know:

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For sure toxic chickens will ONLY appear there LOL :rofl:

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Nice thinking but that would make the game less diverse so maybe I.A will come up with an even better idea for this environment

only appearance would just be fine

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rather than rely on iA to change things for you, try changing them yourself for a change

your idea really needs more thought to balance too

if you have to rely on iA to do the balancing for you, then that’s not a good thing for a suggestion


Currently levels above 20 doesn’t do anything, so you have to think of shooting patterns and balance everything out for extra 20 levels for every weapon. Good luck.


not to mention, a firepower limit WITH increased firepower drops is absolutely ridiculous


Sounding alright but maybe it causes the firepower to decrease by one power every 10 secs. If it reaches 0, the ship would explodes. What do you think?


That’s pretty good too

Remember his advise @Helios. Your idea can’t be accepted if you still make things unbalance

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OK I got it

wait, you get at least a power in every wave, only times you get many firepowers are from bosses, and either you wait to die or risk your life to get some firepowers?

Each wave has, let say, 10 atomic powerup instead of only 1. Therefore, if you destroy all the chickens in the wave, you should get 10 atomic power up.

This gamemode sounding good but needs to be fleshed out i.e make more game rule, constrait and balances. This mode has the potential once done right.


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