New droid raid Boss idea

I was playing droid raids and saw the lack of levels/bosses.I present to you my new Boss idea:
Robotic Chef Space Crab ! difficulty appearance 30% and above Zoom: 200% OR equal to

First Attack:

The chef Space crab launches fruit from the back like normal sace crab, but repeatedly (like chick gatling gun) 16 fruits total

Second Attack:

A circle of Normal Droids protect the crab the dificulty percent will affect how many of the droids are security droids (i dont know what would happen above 100%)droid number: 20-25

Third attack:

Food in bubbles appear from the top (like magic flute) and The Robotic Chef Space Crab will will slowly launch fruit to you

The attack pattern would be like V1 OR V2 (First is a / Second is b / Third is c)
V1: a b a c b c
V2: a b c b c
Here is a pool to chose from

V1 or V2
  • V1
  • V2
  • uco5 when

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also this should be cosidered as space crab 5
This Boss would apear at boss rushes and droid raids

I suggested something like that before.
Droid spinning & Droid multiplicity


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